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Urban Life
Without a Car

Travel Alternative

Car-free living in Minneapolis and St. Paul is a welcome alternative for both commuters and motorists. We believe it is ideal for city dwellers to enjoy the conveniences of being able to travel without experiencing the burdens of owning a car. The studies we conduct will reinforce our belief that urban commuters can consider car-less lifestyles under the following circumstances:

• Access to Affordable Transportation
• Practical Long-Term Transport Alternative 
• Critical Mass Willing to Support the Plan

Public Policy Context

In support of programs encouraging the creation of livable cities, we follow existing public policies made to help protect people and the environment. Our organization complies with regulations regarding:

• Carbon Emissions

• Public Health

• Community Livability

Livability Considerations

To ensure our car-free city objectives measure up to ideal community liability standards, we also focus on several related aspects and take careful consideration of the following:

• Household Budget Considerations

• Enhancements for Transit Systems

• Reduced Roadway Congestion

• Localized Economic Development

• Enhancements for Transit-Oriented Development

• Public Sector/Built Environment Efficiencies